Turns out we’re not happy to see you.

You’ve seen them everywhere, those signs that basically say, “We’re short staffed, please be nice to our employees.” You see them in restaurants, hotels, and even hospitals.

I’m not here to get into the politics of why employers are struggling to hire, whether you think it’s because of the unemployment…

Clean your ears!

You may be wearing your headphones more now than ever. Maybe you’re trying to drown out someone you’re stuck at home with, or it’s how you listen to your video calls. But over time they get downright disgusting.

Some people naturally produce copious amounts of ear wax.

Chances are that…

George “Ace” Acevedo

I’m a writer, voiceover pro, photographer, artist, musician and cleaner of litter boxes. After 35 years on the air, I am now committed to sharing what I learned

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